Helicopter Crash in Mexico Kills Political Power Couple

December 25, 2018 ,   Accidents

Mexican governor Martha Erika Alonso, and her husband, former governor of the same state, Senator Rafael Moreno, died in a helicopter crash on Monday, December 24, local media reported.

Martha Erika Alonso, who was the new governor of the state of Puebla, and her husband, were killed when their helicopter came down near the state capital, in the center of the country.

Reports say there was a 3rd passenger onboard, a pilot, who also died.

Alonso, from the center-right PAN (National Action Party), took office earlier in December after a hotly contested election. The electoral tribunal had to validate results months after the vote and amid accusations of fraud.

Rafael Moreno was governor of Puebla between 2011-2017.

Helicopter Crash in Mexico Kills Political Power Couple

A number of Mexican politicians have died in airplane accidents during the past few years, such as federal interior ministers in 2008 and 2011 who both were also members of PAN.

It was not immediately clear what caused Christmas Eve accident.

The fact the crash occurred just days after Alonso took office has triggered speculation of foul play on social media.