B68503 (Knoxville to Tupelo) Flight Status


Departure (B68503 Flight Schedule)

Mc Ghee Tyson ()

flag Knoxville, United States

00:30 EDT

Sun 17-Oct-2021

EDT 00:00:00 DAY

Arrival (B68503 Flight Schedule)

Tupelo Regional Airport ()

flag Tupelo, United States

00:25 CDT

Sun 17-Oct-2021

CDT 00:00:00 DAY

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Flight B68503 from Knoxville to Tupelo is operated by JetBlue Airways. Scheduled time of departure from Mc Ghee Tyson is 00:30 EDT and scheduled time of arrival in Tupelo Regional Airport is 00:25 CDT. The duration of the flight is 55 minutes.



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Flight Departure Arrival

Tupelo Regional Airport
Mc Ghee Tyson

History Flight Information for B68503 from Flight Scanner System

Date Flight Departure Airport Arrival Airport Scheduled Plane Estimated
Departure Arrival Departure Arrival
Sun, 17 Oct B68503 Mc Ghee Tyson () Tupelo Regional Airport () 00:30 EDT 00:25 CDT
Sat, 02 Oct B68503 Boise Air Terminal () Reno Tahoe Intl () 18:30 MDT 18:26 PDT
Sat, 25 Sep B68503 Mbs Intl () Miami Intl () 17:00 EDT 19:44 EDT (Airbus A321) 18:48 EDT 21:13 EDT
Sun, 12 Sep B68503 Salt Lake City Intl () Charlotte Douglas Intl () 01:30 MDT 07:24 EDT (Airbus A320) 02:14 MDT 07:05 EDT
Wed, 01 Sep B68503 John F Kennedy Intl () Montrose Regional Airport () 09:00 EDT 11:12 MDT (EMBRAER E190) 09:36 EDT 11:14 MDT

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