UA3897 Flight Status ( San Francisco to Amarillo )


Departure (UA3897 Flight Schedule)

San Francisco Intl ()

flag San Francisco, United States

06:00 PST

Tue 20-Feb-2024

PST 00:00:00 DAY

Arrival (UA3897 Flight Schedule)

Rick Husband Amarillo Intl ()

flag Amarillo, United States

10:50 CST

Tue 20-Feb-2024

CST 00:00:00 DAY

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Flight UA3897 from San Francisco to Amarillo is operated by United Airlines. Scheduled time of departure from San Francisco Intl is 06:00 PST and scheduled time of arrival in Rick Husband Amarillo Intl is 10:50 CST. The duration of the flight is 2 hours 50 minutes.



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Flight Departure Arrival

Rick Husband Amarillo Intl
San Francisco Intl

History Flight Information for UA3897 from Flight Scanner System

Date Flight Departure Airport Arrival Airport Scheduled Plane Estimated
Departure Arrival Departure Arrival
Tue, 20 Feb UA3897 San Francisco Intl () Rick Husband Amarillo Intl () 06:00 PST 10:50 CST
Thu, 15 Feb UA3897 Galeao Antonio Carlos Jobim () George Bush Intercontinental () 09:00 -03 16:20 CST
Wed, 31 Jan UA3897 Los Angeles Intl () Fort Worth Meacham Intl () 11:00 PST 15:44 CST
Sat, 20 Jan UA3897 Newark Liberty Intl () Chicago Ohare Intl () 21:35 EST 23:06 CST 21:54 EST 23:07 CST
Wed, 10 Jan UA3897 Mobile Downtown () Denver Intl () 22:40 CST 00:55 MST
Thu, 04 Jan UA3897 Tampa Intl () Chicago Ohare Intl () 13:00 EST 14:56 CST 13:43 EST 15:07 CST

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