QS4377 Flight Status ( Santiago to Easter Island )


Departure (QS4377 Flight Schedule)

Arturo Merino Benitez Intl ()

flag Santiago, Chile

10:00 -03

Sat 16-Mar-2024

 EARLY 47 min
-03 00:00:00 DAY

Arrival (QS4377 Flight Schedule)

Mataveri Intl ()

flag Easter Island, Chile

13:40 -05

Sat 16-Mar-2024

 EARLY 6 hour 7 min
-05 00:00:00 DAY

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Flight QS4377 from Santiago to Easter Island is operated by SmartWings/Travel Service. Scheduled time of departure from Arturo Merino Benitez Intl is 10:00 -03 and scheduled time of arrival in Mataveri Intl is 13:40 -05. The duration of the flight is 5 hours 40 minutes.


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History Flight Information for QS4377 from Flight Scanner System

Date Flight Departure Airport Arrival Airport Scheduled Plane Estimated
Departure Arrival Departure Arrival
Sat, 16 Mar QS4377 Arturo Merino Benitez Intl () Mataveri Intl () 10:00 -03 13:40 -05 09:27 -03 07:32 -05
Fri, 16 Feb QS4377 Istanbul Airport () Ruzyne () 15:00 +03 15:40 CET (Boeing B737) 16:30 +03 17:10 CET

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