1I249 Flight Status ( Eindhoven to Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden )


Departure (1I249 Flight Schedule)

Eindhoven ()

flag Eindhoven, Netherlands

12:30 CEST

Sun 02-Jun-2024

 EARLY 31 hour 41 min
CEST 00:00:00 DAY

Arrival (1I249 Flight Schedule)

Baden Airpark ()

flag Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden, Germany

13:19 CEST

Sun 02-Jun-2024

 LATE 44 min
CEST 00:00:00 DAY

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Flight 1I249 from Eindhoven to Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden is operated by Deutsche Rettungsflugwacht E. V. Scheduled time of departure from Eindhoven is 12:30 CEST and scheduled time of arrival in Baden Airpark is 13:19 CEST. The duration of the flight is 49 minutes.


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Flight Departure Arrival

History Flight Information for 1I249 from Flight Scanner System

Date Flight Departure Airport Arrival Airport Scheduled Plane Estimated
Departure Arrival Departure Arrival
Sun, 02 Jun 1I249 Eindhoven () Baden Airpark () 12:30 CEST 13:19 CEST 13:02 CEST 14:02 CEST
Sun, 02 Jun 1I249 Genova Sestri () Eindhoven () 09:00 CEST 10:35 CEST 09:29 CEST 10:39 CEST

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