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Fleet size
446 aircrafts

Average age
9.0 years

Air China was established in 1988 in China. Air China operates 446 airplanes with average age of 9.0 years. The newest plane is built in 2017 and the oldest plane is built in 1990.

Air China Ltd. is and one of the major Chinese airlines and the flag carrier of the country, with headquarters located in Shunyi District, Beijing. The flight operations of Air China are based at Beijing Capital International Airport.

The entity Air China Ltd. was registered in 2003. Its shares began trading in London and Hong Kong on December 15, 2004. The airline corporate entity was originally Air China International, established in 2002. It incorporated China Southwest Airlines and air transportation services of China National Aviation Corp., becoming a brand new entity.

Air China

The corporate headquarters of the carrier, Air China HQ Building, is situated in Zone A of Tianzhu Airport Industrial Zone, Shunyi District, Beijing. Air China registered office is on the 9th floor of Blue Sky Mansion, Zone A of Tianzhu Airport Industrial Zone.

Air China enterprise logo consists of a phoenix pattern, the airline's name written in calligraphy by Deng Xiaoping, former national leader, and "AIR CHINA" written in English. The phoenix logo is the artistic transfiguration of "VIP". Air China is also one of Star Alliance members.

The company is primarily based in its hub at Beijing Capital International Airport, where it operates long range aircraft on routes to Europe, North America, South America, Australia and Africa. Its fleet is made up of Boeing and Airbus aircraft, such as: Boeing 737's, Boeing 747's, Boeing 777's, Boeing 787's and Airbus A319's, Airbus A320's, Airbus A321's, Airbus A330's. Air China has a second hub at Chengdu International Airport, used primarily for domestic routes.

The route network of Air China extends throughout Asia to Western Europe, North America and the Middle East, from its hubs at Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport and Beijing Capital International Airport. It also reaches a significant number of European, Asian and Australian destinations from Shanghai. International routes operate from Chongqing, Chengdu, Dalian, Kunming, Xiamen, and Hangzhou, as well. Air China is one of the few airlines in the world that fly to all 6 inhabitable continents.

Air China Classes

Air China offers standard legroom space, with a seat pitch of 30-31 inches in Economy and 38-80 inches in First class. Passengers can select their seat during online check-in, or have the seat assigned to them at the airport. Air China provides a number of in-flight newspapers and magazines, twelve music channels and eight classic movies by famous directors like Jia Zhangke, Xie Fei and John Woo. Carrier's widebody jets are outfitted with the most state-of-the-art AVOD system in the world which features a wealth of bilingual movies, music CDs and games, keeping guests entertained for the duration of their flight.

  • First Class: Amenities include superior space and comfort to work or relax. Air China provides wide armchairs and large desk like tables that are the ideal setting for passengers who need to carry out business. The seats can be adjusted to a lie-flat position or any angle. Guests may continue to use their personal tablets and laptops throughout the flight due to multiple recharge ports at all seats. There is also a wide selection of entertainment options offered on personal TV screens with on-demand programming available in English and Chinese. The First class menu features a mix of snacks and gourmet dishes.
  • Business Class: Amenities include a wide armchair seat that reclines to a lie flat bed for maximum comfort on long-haul flights. The electronically controlled seat is within a shell enclosure for privacy and space and also can be adjusted to different positions. Additional comfort related conveniences include USB ports, power points, TV screen, LCD reading light, premium meal and beverage service. Air China Business Class passengers enjoy enhanced service on the ground via priority check-in, baggage, boarding and lounge access. A full menu with western and Chinese dishes and snacks is to be enjoyed throughout the Business class flight. The main meals are served on real china.
  • Economy Class: Air China offers direct service to Shanghai and Beijing from Melbourne and Sydney. Economy class is company's most economical travel choice but one with a lot of the traditional service products that passengers have come to expect. It includes comfortable slim line seats with industry standard leg room, padded, movable headrests, personal TV screen and hot meal service. Each of the seats is equipped with a 9-in video screen for on-demand entertainment in English and Chinese. A complimentary beverage and hot meal service is available on long-haul and medium international flights. 

Capital Pavilion, Forbidden Pavilion: To guarantee travellers a more comfortable journey, Air China invested RMB 688 million in Capital Pavilion Business Class and Forbidden Pavilion First Class. State-of-the-art amenities, eye-pleasing cabin interior, comfortable seats, quality meals and cultural symbolism make them the first choice of Air China premium clients. 

Air China travel classes


  • Carry-on baggagePassengers' carry-on baggage must fit under the seat in front or in the airplane's overhead bin. Each First and Business class passenger is allowed to take up to 8 kg carry-on baggage. Each Economy Class passenger is allowed to take up to 5 kg carry-on baggage. First Class and Business class passengers can take up to two pieces of carry-on. Economy Class passengers can take up to one piece of carry-on. First Class passengers can take up to two pieces of carry-on, and each piece shall not exceed 5 kg in weight. Business and Economy Class passengers can take up to one piece of carry-on and it shall not exceed 5 kg in weight. The linear dimensions of each carry-on baggage piece shall not exceed 55 cm (21 in) long x 40 cm (15 in) wide x 20 cm (7 in) high. Any baggage exceeding the limits on weight, or number of pieces and volume has to be checked. The following shall not be carried in checked baggage or taken into the plane's cabin as carry-on: firearms (excluding hunting or sporting rifles), dangerous goods, military or police equipment, knives, fresh perishable goods with distinct odors, live animals.
  • Checked baggageThe maximum weight of each piece of checked baggage must not exceed 32 kg (70 lb). In case any baggage weighs more than 32 kg (70 lb), it has to be split into 2 pieces of baggage. The sum length, width plus height of each piece of checked baggage must not exceed 203 cm (80 in) and shall not be less than 60 cm (24 in). 


  • Check-in: Passengers can check in either at the airport check-in counters or via Air China CUSS's (Common Use Self Service). Another possibility is to check in online linking to the web site of the carrier, which is a service feature offered for some flights. Passengers are strongly advised to be at the airport in advance to an extent which leaves them sufficient time for the formalities. Check-in deadlines differ in accordance with the airports. Check-in desks close half an hour before departure for domestic China flights, and 1 hour before departure for international flights.
  • Through Check-in: Air China through check-in benefits passengers transitting Mainland China-international (D-I), International-Mainland China (I-D), Mainland China-Mainland China (D-D), and international – international (I-I). Via through check-in, travellers can, at the airport of origin, get a couple of boarding passes for the 2 flight sectors when checking in. Baggage can be checked all way through to final destination, meaning that when transiting in Beijing, Air China guests do not need to leave the restricted area to claim baggage and can start their journey after checking the information about their connecting flight and going through usual customs and other transit formalities within airport's restricted area. The through check-in process cuts the time passengers spend on transit, allowing them the opportunity to understand how easy travel can be as with one ticket only, their baggage is checked to the final destination. 

Food & Drinks

Air China meals are available on flights that last more than 90 minutes. Business and First class passengers benefit from gourmet meals, while economy guests can indulge in the standard menu offering both Chinese and Western dishes. Complimentary beverages and snacks are served on flights that last between 60 and 90 minutes.

Air China food and drinks

Air China Food

  • First class: Chinese cuisine is reflected in the menu which features distinctive gourmet foods from various regions in China as well as western foods. The menu is changed on a regular basis. On flights lasting more than an hour and a half, the carrier has a wide range of foods for any of the 3 mealtimes in a day. Breakfast includes a choice between western-style continental breakfast (pastries and fruit) and hot porridge or other Chinese favorites. Lunch and dinner feature at least three hot dishes to choose from, along with appetizer, salad, soup, bread, butter, cheese, fruit and dessert. A variety of snacks are offered between meals, such as seasonal fruits, desserts and yogurt. In the First Class, Air China rounds out the culinary experience via ice creams and fine wines of French chateaux. 
  • Business class: A mix of both culinary specialties from all around the world and Chinese foods are offered in Air China Business class. On flights lasting more than an hour and a half, the carrier serves a wide range of foods for any of the 3 mealtimes in a day. The menu is changed on a regular basis. For breakfast, Air China offers western-style bread, butter, hot dishes, salad, fruits, yogurt and desserts as well as Chinese foods such as hot porridge. For lunch and dinner, guests have at least three hot dishes to choose from, coupled with bread, butter, appetizer, salad, soup, cheese, fruit and dessert. A variety of snacks are offered between meals, including yogurt, desserts and seasonal fruits. A wine list featuring great bottles selected from more than 200 worldwide wine brands is also at hand and passengers can pick a bottle from the "Cellar in the Sky".
  • Economy class: For breakfast, Air China offers hot porridge and tasteful appetizers. For dinner, they serve home style meat, seafood and chicken dishes as well as noodles or rice. On short flights, snacks like western sandwiches and hamburgers or Chinese baked cake are offered. There is also a good selection of fruits and yogurt for breakfast and dinner.
  • For Capital Pavilion Business Class and Forbidden Pavilion First Class, Air China offers food reservation on long-haul international flights. Reservation for onboard meals must be made no later than 4:00 p.m. on the day before the day of the flight. 

Air China Drinks

  • Tea: Tea drinking is part of Chinese culture. On long flights tea offered includes: Oolong Tea; Wu Qi Ying Pue’er Tea (Pu’er Tea); Lipton (red tea); Dragon Well Tea (green tea); Jasmine Tea; Wu Qi Ying Pue’er Tea (Pu’er Tea); White Chrysanthemum Tea
  • Coffee: Espresso (First Class only); Nestle low caffeine; Nestle gold; Cappuccino
  • Soft drinks: 100ml Tibet glacier mineral water; Evian mineral water (First Class only); Lotte 100% fresh orange juice; Huiyuan apple juice; Dole juice; Dole tomato juice; Jianyi low-sugar coke; Coca Cola; Pepsi Cola; Sprite; Watson’s tonic water; Watson’s ginger ale; Soda water.
Tail Manufacturer Model Year of Built Age Delivery
B-1431 Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner 2017 1 year 2017-06-25
B-8745 Airbus A320 2017 1 year 2017-04-14
B-8743 Airbus A320 2017 1 year 2017-03-08
B-1428 Boeing 777-300ER 2017 1 year 2017-07-07
B-8689 Airbus A330-300 2017 1 year 2017-04-29
B-7899 Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner 2016 2 years 2016-10-27
B-7877 Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner 2016 2 years 2016-05-18
B-7878 Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner 2016 2 years 2016-06-14
B-7182 Boeing 737-800 2016 2 years 2016-01-28
B-7869 Boeing 777-300ER 2016 2 years 2016-11-18
B-7898 Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner 2016 2 years 2016-09-15
B-7180 Boeing 737-800 2016 2 years 2016-01-28
B-7973 Boeing 777-300ER 2016 2 years 2016-12-06
B-7596 Boeing 737-800 2016 2 years 2016-05-25
B-7896 Boeing 737-800 2016 2 years 2016-11-22
B-7598 Boeing 737-800 2016 2 years 2016-05-27
B-7952 Boeing 777-300ER 2016 2 years 2016-11-09
B-8337 Airbus A320 2016 2 years 2016-02-25
B-7832 Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner 2016 2 years 2016-08-27
B-7879 Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner 2016 2 years 2016-06-25
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